Diverse teachers from around the world are a mix of knowledge, culture, and different approach to dancing. These are new techniques and the highest quality of dancing craft.It's a perfect combination and balance. Respect for the roots while being open to changes. A place where choreography and freestyle interpenetrate, connect, draw from each other, giving you impulses and new opportunities.People. Energy. Soul, mind, body. Rhythm, freedom, joy.Welcome to Spoko Kemp

Workshops, dance and music are the heart of the camp. The balance between working during workshops, chilling with friends, having fun at evening jams. Learn the stories of exceptional dancers during Q&A, compete in the Spoko Battle dance competition.

Spoko Kemp means many development opportunities, adapt them to your needs.Choose Combo bundle and enjoy the camp to the fullest. Combo is 15 hours of workshops, pilates package, physiotherapist care and all available activities such as jams, parties, competitions

Check Choreo and Freestyle packages if you want to develop in a specific direction, you can combine them or choose individual lessons.

Go ahead, sign up for Spoko Kemp August 13-20, 2023 and enjoy the best dancing holidays ever!

Spoko Kemp - Medium level

For intermediate dancers

This is an offer for ambitious dancers who are at the stage of intensive development.If you train regularly, take part in workshops, train with a team or on your own, you know the basics very well - this level will be perfect for you.A lot of new knowledge awaits you, ways to use movement, building your own identity in dance, self-confidence, improving the skills you already know.

Spoko Kemp - poziom Pro

For advanced dancers

For dancers with high awareness of their own body, regularly participating in workshops, dancing in teams at an advanced level, or training solo, for instructors, for people who know what they want to do, quickly absorbing knowledge.There is no time to sit around here. At this level, the lessons are more challenging.If You feel You are strong and determined enough to go to a higher level, you need inspiration, freshness - this level is for you.